Quantum communication

Quantum Technologies - PhD

Doctoral program Quantum Technologies is a multidisciplinary program that targets the education of top experts engaged in the research and scientific-technical practice in the fields of quantum technologies, especially quantum physics, information and communications, quantum optics, lasers, solids, nanomaterials, nanostructures and advanced characterization and modeling methods.

A unique feature of the doctoral programme is the emphasis on synergies between the highly specialized fields of quantum science. Study in the programme is closely linked with scientific-research activities of the research groups at Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering, Czech Technical University in Prague, and the collaborating institutions (particularly institutes of Academy of Sciences of Czech Republic).

octoral program Quantum Technologies provide scientific education to talented students who have a solid educational foundation in the master’s programs focusing on theoretical and applied physics, applied mathematics and computer science, physical electronics, physics and engineering of solids and materials characterization, and further extends and depends this foundation – on an interdisciplinary basis – onto more advanced and / or specific disciplines.
Graduate students of the program will be equipped with a deep theoretical knowledge of physics, mathematics and computer science, as well as specialized skills in the areas of quantum physics, quantum information theory, physics of solids and surfaces, optics and photonics, lasers, mathematical modeling, and preparation and characterization of nanostructures.