Quantum mechanics

Quantum Technologies - bachelor's

Degree Course Characteristics

The degree course is of interdisciplinary character, covering classical and modern sections of mathematics, physics, and informatics. It prepares students for jobs in physics, natural sciences and engineering and for use of modern computational methods. The degree course structure is based on core courses on mathematics, i.e. calculus; linear algebra; linear equations; differential equations; probability theory and statistics; equations of mathematical physics and functions of complex variables. Physics courses cover introduction to mechanics, electricity and magnetism, thermodynamics, waves and optics, and theoretical and statistical physics. However, the core of the degree course is quantum physics. Apart from theory, students get practical hands-on training in physics labs, solid state physics labs, laser labs, and linear optics labs.

Graduate´s Profile

Graduates are versed in the core disciplines of mathematics, physics , and informatics, and even more specialized in quantum physics, and physics of solids and lasers , both theoretically and practically.

They are skilled in using various calculation methods and procedures of mathematics and physics to tackle – both theoretically and practically – engineering research and scientific issues of quantum theory, theory of solids, and physics and technology of lasers. They are skilled in modern computational methods and laboratory equipment.