PhD in Quantum Science and Technologies

The Ph.D. candidate enrolled in this program will receive a state-of-the-art education in the basic ideas of quantum science, in the main material platforms used in experiments, and in the mathematical concepts used for their description, as well as in the information and computation science concepts that aim at exploiting QST for applications. She/he will be expected to carry out cutting-edge research on subjects of interest of the Q@TN consortium, possibly in collaboration with our international project partners.

The Program is open to students of the Doctoral (Ph.D.) Schools/Programmes of Trento University in:
– Physics
– Mathematics
– Materials, Mechatronics and Systems Engineering (MMSE)
– Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)
– Civil, Environmental and Mechanical Engineering

Ph.D. candidates entering the Program are required to gain at least a total of 18 ECTS credits attending the
following courses and sustaining the corresponding exams:
– 9 credits are obtained attending the fundamental courses listed in the “Manifesto degli studi” concerning basic QST concepts
– 3 credits are obtained following the courses listed in the Manifesto degli studi (emendable yearly by the panel), concerning topics of direct interest for the Program.
– The remaining credits can be obtained from any other admissible course according to the general rules of the Ph.D. School/Programme where the student is enrolled, which may also include Summer/Winter schools.

At the end of each year, the Ph.D. candidate presents her/his work in front of the Panel.