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International MasterClasses in Quantum Optics

Workshop Extension of the master classs program started as an outreach/training project of the cluster of excellence "QUANTUM FRONTIERS" .
Leibniz Universitaet Hannover and Technische Universität Braunschweig Germany
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Courses in Quantum programming

Training for school students Training a new generation of software developers for the “Quantum Computers“ and the future "Quantum Internet".and supporting companies, explaining what Quantum Computing is, at what stage of development is technology, what are the prospects in the short and medium term and in which strategic areas can the first applications be used on the devices of the NISQ era.
dotQuantum s.r.l.s. Italy
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QCALL (Quantum Communications for ALL)

PhD course, Training modules Quantum Communications for ALL (QCALL) is a European Innovative Training Network that endeavours to take the next necessary steps to bring the developing quantum technologies closer to the doorsteps of end users. QCALL will empower a nucleus of 15 doctoral researchers in this area to provide secure communications in the European continent and, in the long run, to its connections worldwide
European Network Spain
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