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MSc in Quantum Science and Technology

This blended MSc focuses on quantum information theory, quantum computing and the physics of quantum hardware. Teaching will be led
by the School of Physics staff who are recognised as international experts
in the quantum science and technologies field. The programme is designed with both online and face-to-face components (blended) and incorporates
an exciting range of industrial experts to speak about this rapidly growing area. This will allow students of the programme to gain a unique perspective on a diverse range of research and its implementation in the quantum industry.
The course syllabus covers many key areas in quantum information science including open quantum systems, quantum material science, physical implementation of quantum technology, quantum computation and algorithms. This MSc also includes a research project that can be undertaken either in the School of Physics or as an internship in an industrial setting.
This is one of the first programmes of its kind internationally and is distinctive in its structure, offering students a unique opportunity to combine knowledge and research expertise in quantum information science and material science.

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