Modern Cryptography


1. Post-quantum cycles: Lattice-based Cryptography
2. Post-quantum cycles: LWE and RLWE problems
3. Post-quantum cycles: Fiat-Shamir with Abort and Dilithium signatures
4. Post-quantum cycles: Code-based Cryptography and McEliece cryptosystem
5. Secure computation cycles: Homomorphic encryption
6. Secure computation cycles: Homomorphic encryption in Cloud Computing
7. Secure computation cycles: Secret Sharing and Secure Multiparty Computation
8. Secure computation cycles: Secure Multiparty Computation in e-voting and cloud computing
9. Decentralized systems cycles: Blockchain and Smart Contracts
10. Decentralized systems cycles: Cryptocurrencies
11. Data Privacy cycles: Data Anonymization
12. Data Privacy cycles: Differential Privacy, k-anonymity and Record Linkage