Quantum communication

MCQST Summer Student Program - ONLINE

The program aims to get you started in QST research. It starts with an introductory day on 11 July. You will have the opportunity to virtually meet our experts in one-on-one meetings. Throughout the week exclusive virtual lab tours at LMU, MPQ, TUM and WMI will ensure you get to know the cutting-edge experiments at MCQST and its participating institutions.

Our Research Unit Coordinators will give you an overview to the state of the art research they are working on in the seven different research areas at MCQST. After the talks you can ask questions and get more detailed information about each research unit and its latest achievements.

Before and throughout the week, you will prepare a presentation (either talk or poster) of a scientific paper from the field of QST. At the end of the week, you will pass on your newly gained expertise to other participants and MCQST members at an online student conference. To prepare you for your presentation, we will train you in presenting scientific findings in an academic communication workshop. Moreover, a junior researcher will mentor you in the process. Depending on your interests, we select a research paper for you from the areas of quantum information theory, quantum simulations, quantum computing, quantum communication, quantum metrology and sensing, quantum matter, and interdisciplinary explorative directions.