Quantum communication

Master in Quantum Computing @ Madrid

This blended-learning Master in Quantum Computing is aimed at graduates in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering or equivalent degrees who want to learn about Quantum algorithms, programming models and languages for quantum computing, tools and simulators, Quantum error correction and applications and use cases.

The master has an important practical workload that allows students to become familiar with the computing environments available today.

Modules are taught using a remote synchronous virtual classroom system, where lectures are recorded. Additionally, there are on-site activities (such as lectures or conferences) delivered once every four weeks (during weekends).

Apart from the core modules, the students can choose between an internship in a company or a research methodology course, depending on their preference in terms of their future career (company-oriented or pursuing a Ph.D.).

Students who complete this Master may apply for a Ph.D., including the Ph.D. program on Industrial and Computer Science Technologies at Universidad Nebrija.