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Quantum Courses in teacher education

PhD course, Training for school students, Training modules for teachers, Undergraduate course, Workshop In collaboration with different universities, quantum mechanics courses are developed using wave approach and approaches of two-state systems too. Since 2007 there has been a PhD program for teachers "Physics Education" that also includes quantum mechanical topics. Recently, the University has launched a pilot project incorporated in the first lessons on the introductory quantum mechanics lecture designed to understand two state systems. This is based on specifically selected examples and the knowledge of the students acquired years ago in relation to two by two matrices and their spectral properties which also support the discovery of quantum computing.
Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE) Hungary
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Student Lab "PhotonLab"

Training for school students At the students lab "PhotonLab" we present 20 different experiments from simple to more difficult (analogy) experiments in quantum physics. The visiting students get an introduction talk, a lab visit at Max-Planck-Institute of Quantum Optics and then they can perform their own experiments. We also have interactive online material to prepare for the visit:
Max-Planck-Institute of Quantum Optics Germany
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Quantum physics for high school students

Course for high school students, Training for school students This course, designed for high school students, is based on the model of Discipline-Culture. It starts with basic concepts in quantum physics (e.g., wavity of matter, superposition, state, measurement, probability, etc.) and through active-learning and using multiple representations, it develops students’ skills of quantitative problem solving.
The Hebrew Universtiy of Jerusalem Israel Israel
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Training for industry, Training for school students, Workshop QSilver is QWorld’s intermediate level workshop series (16 to 20 hours) on quantum computing and programming focusing on complex numbers, QFT and Shor’s Algorithm completed in 2021. Prior completion of QBronze is recommended.
QWorld Estonia
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Explore quantum technologies

Training for school students, Workshop In our project "Quantenphysikalische Inhalte aus der modernen Forschung" we offer high school students multiple experiments concerning current research, including basic principles of quantum physics and applications. They have the opportunity to work in an authentic laboratory environment with state-of-the-art equipment. The project includes topics like the double-slit experiment or the quantum eraser to convey basic principles of quantum physics. The students can setup a solid-state laser, work with an optical tweezer or test the functionality of quantum cryptography. To introduce high school students to current research on ultracold atoms we recently completed a magneto-optical trap for rubidium, a highlight for any school lab. Furthermore, we develop education projects in the field of quantum technologies, like the functionality of atomic clocks.
Universität Hamburg Germany
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Training for school students, Workshop We try to motivate high school pupils to enter the world of Physics by showing them the newest aspects and applications of Quantum Physics. We organize workshops with diverse topics where the pupils not only perform interesting experiments but also directly interact with the researchers of that topic.
Technical University Braunschweig, Leibniz University Hannover Germany
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